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Vol. 93 No. 24
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This study aims to analyze students’ perceptions of the characteristics and actions of elementary school teachers that affects student teacher relationship. A qualitative phenomenological approach was used to achieve deep description of these characteristics. Semi-structured interviews, in oral and written format, were conducted with 99 primary school students studying in second to sixth grade (66 girls and 33 boys) who were selected from elementary schools in Shiraz. According to the findings of this study, autonomy support against control, competence, mastery goal support, care, engagement, mutual trust, and support for the class structure are the main themes of the teacher characteristics and functions that affect student teacher relationship. Implication of the findings in interventional plans for teacher-student interaction improvement is discussed in the end.
Narjes Lari - Elahe Hejazi - Bahram Joukar - Javad Ejei
Keywords : teacher-student relationship ، phenomenology ، teacher’s act ، student’s perception
The aim of this study was to determine the mediating role of loving in relationship between personality characteristics and marital satisfaction among married individuals in Mashhad. This study was a descriptive-correlational study. In this study, 344 married individuals in Mashhad, were selected through available sampling and they completed Love Attitude Scale (LAS), NEO-Five Factor Inventory (FFI) and Enrich Marital Satisfaction Questionnaire. Pearson’s correlation, stepwise regression analysis and path analysis were used to analyze the data through SPSS and AMOS software. The results showed that there were significant correlations between personality characteristics and, eros, ludos, Storge, Pragma and Agape loving styles with marital satisfaction (p<0/01). Regression analysis also showed that eros style, neuroticism, Pragma style, ludos styles, agreeableness and extraversion predicted 34 percent variances of marital satisfaction. Results also revealed the mediating effect of eros, Pragma and ludos love styles on the relationship between neuroticism and extraversion with marital satisfaction (p<0/05). According to the findings, marital satisfaction is influenced by loving styles and personality characteristics.
Faeze Salayani - MohammadJavad Asghari EbrahimAbad - Kazem Rasoolzadeh Tabatabaei - Razieh Abbaszadeh Rougoushouee
Keywords : marital satisfaction ، personality characteristics ، loving styles ، married individuals
The aim of the current research is to determine the difference between resilience and coping strategies among volunteers and soldiers who participated in the war against ISIS. The research method was descriptive and causal-comparative. The population of interest in this study was all Kurdish volunteers and soldiers in all three provinces of Halabja, Sulaimaniyah and Erbil of Iraqi Kurdistan who participated in the war against ISIS. The sample of this study was selected through available sampling. Then, data were collected using Connor-Davidson Resilience Scale ( CD-RISC) and Endler and Parker’s Coping Inventory for Stressful Situations and analyzed by multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA). The results of this study showed that there was no difference in resilience between volunteers and soldiers, but there was a significant difference in coping with stress scale. In terms of problem-oriented style and avoidance-oriented style, the difference was significant. Therefore, it turns out that there is no difference in emotion-focused coping. The main findings of this study confirm that special training courses are recommended to enhance resilience and help volunteers and soldiers to exprince reduce warfare stress.
Zana Nasih Salih Qadir - Fariba Hassani
Keywords : resilienced ، stress coping strategies ، volunteer ، soldiers ، ISIS war
In this research it has been attempted to study the academic engagement and academic engagement attitude conceptualization from the perspective of high school students using qualitative method. Participants in this study were 52 students (26 boys and 26 girls) ages 15 to 17، with on average of 16.40. Two focus groups were formed for boys and two focus groups were constituted for female students. They were then interviewed. Their responses regarding their perception of academic engagement were classified into eight categories as follows: »aquire high scores and high average» ,«practice, repetition and timing,« »strong volition and self regulation» ,«design objective and schematization» ,«interest to task, text book and school» ,«enjoy reading, and learning» ,«attention, and concentration on the task ,«and »learning tactics, and methods«. The results of open and axial coding showed that academic engagement in this period of life of Iranian students contains five categories, cognitive engagement, behavioral engagement, emotional engagement, motivational engagement and agency.
Hamid Reza Afrooz - Javad Ejei - Elahe Hejazi - Ali Moghaddamzade
Keywords : : academic engagement ، highschool students ، Iran
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of computerized cognitive rehabilitation therapies (CCRT) on improvement of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and working memory capacity (WM) in elderly women. This study was a quasi experimental design with a pretest-posttest design with a control group with a one month follow-up. Subjects included 16 elderly women 65 years and older with mild cognitive impairment and low capacity of working memory at the Mehrpouyan elderly home in Behbahan city in 2018-2019. They were selected with an available sampling method and randomly placed in the experimental and control groups. Each group included 8 persons. To evaluate the Main Mental Status Examination (MMSE) (Fulestine et, al., 1975) and the Working Memory Capacity Test (Daneman & Carpenter, 1980). The experimental group was trained for 8 session with a memory rehabilitation software and the control group did not received any training. Data was analyzed with mixed analysis of variance. The scores from the MMSE and the Working Memory Capacity of the experimental group increased dramatically. As a result, computerized cognitive rehabilitation had a significant effect on the improvement of cognitive impairment and the capacity of working memory in elderly women.
Hossein Zare - Ali Akbar Sharifi - Sara Hashamdar
Keywords : computerized cognitive rehabilitation ، mild cognitive impairment, ، working memory capacity

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